Know more about domain name

What is Domain Name?

To find a machine on the Internet we need its IP Address. For example, Google's web server have a IP address of You may use this IP address to access the google's website. However, IP address is hard to remember. To resolve the problem, domain name is introduced. It is an easy to remember textual name, it will be translated to IP address when used through the domain name system (DNS). It makes navigation on the net become much simpler.

Examples of domain name:


What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD)?

A top-level domain is the highest domain part in the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy. Every domain name must end with a top-level domain.

Example of top-level domain:

- .com (represents a commercial business)
- .org (represents other organization)
- .net (represents a network organization)
- .edu (represents an educational institution)
- (represents a commercial business registered in Kong Kong)

How can I have my own domain?

You need:

- to search a domain name that is available for register
Click here to check the domain name availability
- to pay the domain registration fee and the annual fee
- to provide some documents for proofing your business or yourself. (for some domains only)

Where can I register a domain?

You can register a domain from us or from other domain name registrars like,, etc.
Check here for a detailed list of top level domain we offer for registration.

How can I use my domain name?

After you registered your domain, you have the ownership of that domain. However, the domain cannot be used without a domain name system (DNS). You have to point your domain to two or more name servers. With the help of DNS system, you can point your domain email to an email server or point your website to a web server.

What is Domain Name System (DNS)?

Domain Name System is a set of servers that perform lookup services to translate user-friendly names into network addresses for locating Internet resources. Our domain name system is make up by two servers: and